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Classroom Supplies

Recommended supplies- these should be in your backpack everyday

2- college ruled 100 pg. composition books

4-pencils (standard or mechanical )

glue sticks- we use glue sticks a lot

white eraser

color pencils



2 pens - black, blue are preferred (no red or purple)

Mrs. Dalida's Incredible Information Station

2 tests this week

Social Studies test on Israel is Tuesday

Science test on Thermal Energy is Thursday

Welcome to Trimester 3

First day of third Trimester 2/25  -

Your child starts this trimester with a completely clean slate. It is up to them to start their grades off in a way that is positive for them.


A reminder from the syllabus

Third Trimester - Students will have a limited opportunity to correct assignments, and tests for half credit within one week of work being returned. Tests must be corrected during advisory or office hours. It is the student's responsibility to talk to the teacher about redoing an assignment. Only work that was turned in on time may be redone.  Major assignments and projects cannot be redone.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Absence policy-In case of an excused absence the student is allowed the number of days missed from school to make up any missed work and turn it in for full credit.  Students must obtain missed assignments the day he/she returns to school. Please keep in mind the correcting window is VERY small at the end of the year. It is ALWAYS the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments were missed during their absence. If your child was told an assignment on Monday, they were absent on Tuesday, the assignment would be due on Wednesday.


McGraw Hill Login

Here is the web address for our McGraw Hill Pilot
1. Go to this address:
2. Use the login code that I gave you on the ivory slip of paper.
3. Click Launch
4. Select browse your course
5. Scroll to Chapter 7: Ancient India
6. Select student edition
7. Select ebook
8. Click button on the right that looks like a book, with writing on the left & an arrow on the right.
9. click on the zoom button (magnify glass with a plus in it)
10. Click red arrow on the right that change the page.
11. Read your book online. :)


81010   -----   @dalid   Remind

Google classroom - an invitation has been sent to each student. This is a student resource available through OUESD.


Most of the information a student needs will be available on Classroom.


A bit about Mrs. Dalida

I have been teaching for 21 years. I love to see a concept form in a mind, watching for the "light bulb" to come on. Followed by the mega watt smile spread across their face, when a student has the "Aha" moment. I am a wife, and mother of 2 girls. We enjoy spending time together, baking, singing, and just having fun. A few of my hobbies are: scrapbooking, reading, and my deep love of Disney &  superheros. If I could be Mrs. Incredible, with the powers of Wonder woman... AWESOME!!!!

Wish List of Donation

Puffs tissue -10 boxes

Pencil Sharpener-3 hand sharpeners


Glue sticks