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Mrs. Gaudy

Helpful Links and Information

About The Teacher

This is my 21st year teaching in the Oakley Union Elementary School District.  I've taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade at Laurel Elementary, and I've taught 6th grade language arts, science, social studies, PE, and leadership here at O'Hara.

I have 3 children, Brooke, Ryan, and Raeghan.  Brooke and Ryan both survived middle school here at O'Hara Park. When I'm not at school I'm either watching one of my kids play whatever sport they are in, on the Delta boating, or shopping.


I like to refer to Macy's as my Mothership 

I refer to Macy s as my mothership  -

Staying Connected

*The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with me is through email:  

**To ensure success, it is imperative that parents and students join Remind for up to date classroom/homework reminders.  I use Remind WAY more than I use this website for communication on classroom updates.  

For Social Studiestext to 81010 and text this message @9dbae4  or go to this link to join   

For Leadership class: text to: 81010 and text this message @h44cg3 or go to this link to join



Questions/Suggestions about Grades

*Check the Parent Portal regularly, so there are no surprises at grading times

*Each trimester, after the progress reports go home, I will offer one extra credit assignment for social studies.

What does the progress report mean?

Remember, Progress Reports are not a final grade. They give you an idea of how you are currently doing in class. Some students are doing great and should keep up the good work, and other students need to step it up if they want to improve. Grades are different than the rubric scores students used to earn in elementary school. The 3 range is pretty wide, and some students were able to squeak
by with a 3 doing minimal work. Grades are based on the points students earn on each assignment, and can go up and down pretty quickly depending on how a student does on a particular paper.

Reasons Why Your Child Might Not Be Doing So Well:

1. The student is not turning in homework or classwork.

*Missing 1 assignment can drop you down a whole grade.

*I do not hound a student for his/her work. I either walk around the room to collect assignments, or students turn in papers to the class basket. After collecting homework assignments, I give a last call announcement for the assignment. Due dates for homework or unfinished classwork that was sent home as homework are written on the board, they should be writing the assignments in their planners, message about assignments are sent through Remind, and assignments are on my website.  There is no excuse for claiming they didn't know when something was due. I also verbally tell students when classroom assignments are due and warn them at that time to use their class time wisely.

*Some students are unorganized, have lost assignments, or do not put their names on their papers. Students should be putting their ongoing assignments into their proper folders and/or journals. I have a basket for “no-namer” papers, and "no-namer" magnets on the board.  I do not search for the owner of the paper.

*The student is not completing assignments from when he/she was absent.  In the  classroom, I have a poster stating what a student should do if he/she was absent.  When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to check with me for any missing work.  Students have the number of days that he/she was out to complete the assignments missed. 

2. The student is not following directions.

*At the beginning of the year, I discussed with the class the importance of following direction when doing assignments. When each assignment is handed out, I go over the directions with the students, and they are usually written on the assignment or on the board. On some assignments, students have been marked down for not following the directions to the assignment and/or not answering questions properly and/or in complete sentences.

3. The student is not performing to his/her ability.

*Some students are not trying.

*Some students are not editing their work before they turn it in. They are turning in assignments that are disorganized, have minimal details, or are written without the proper conventions that I know they have been taught since early elementary school (capitals, punctuation, correct spelling, and word usage).

*Some students are not paying attention while I am teaching, and then do not know how to do the assignment, but are also not asking for help.

*Some students are wasting their class time socializing.  When it comes to turning in the assignment, he or she rushes to get it done or just turns the assignment in incomplete.


*Some students are not studying for the test.  Students are given a study guide for each test several days prior to the test.


Current Assignments

Suggested Supplies/Classroom Donations

Student Supply List For Social Studies:

The following is a list of supplies that you will need for my class throughout the year.  I suggest buying extras of items while things are on sale so you can replenish your used up supplies throughout the year. 

1-spiral notebook with pockets to keep your assignments in for Social Studies


pencil eraser toppers

handheld pencil sharpener with lid to collect the shavings

glue stick


crayons or colored pencils

a red ballpoint pen for correcting

Paper Mate Flair black medium felt tip pens for outlining

extra lined paper

water bottle for in class drinks


Student Supply List For Leadership:

1-folder to keep your assignments in 


pencil eraser toppers

handheld pencil sharpener with lid to collect the shavings

glue stick


crayons or colored pencils


water bottle for in class drinks


Classroom Donations:
We always appreciate donations made to our classroom.  The following is a list of supplies that we need throughout the year.

erasers/pencil eraser toppers  
Paper Mate Flair black medium felt tip pens

binder paper  
dry erase pens 
copy paper   
markers, crayons, colored pencils  
glue sticks





Are You A Successful Student?

Questions to answer to see if you are a successful student.
Are you turning in all your homework and classroom assignments?

Are you studying for tests?

Did you do the extra credit?

Are you staying focused in class, so that you are learning what is being
taught, what's expected on assignments, and to know when your assignments are due?

Are you using your class time wisely, so that your assignments are being complete to the best of your ability?

Are you asking to meet with your teacher to get the extra help needed?

When you are absent, are you checking to see what assignments you  have missed?

Are you using your planner, subscribed to receive messages through Remind, and checking your teacher's website?

Are you editing your work before you turn it in?

**In order to be successful, students should be able to answer "yes" to all of the above questions.  If you want to improve you grades, than make sure you change those questions you answered "no" to to a "yes".