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Marcos Lopez-Sosa

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About My Class Students

Okay real quick, water fall! SHHHH!

     Hello students, In my class, you will learn and refine a variety of skills related to a diaspora of sports. The class is designed to have you practice skills and learn concepts related to your successful participation in these sports. Due to the disparity in skill development, it is okay to struggle with certain skills and concepts that will be covered in the class, the most important thing is that you never give up and never surrender and that you keep trying because you will get better. In the class you will also work with a variety of peers in different group combinations, that means that you won't always work with your friend, however, take it as an opportunity to create new friendships that will last a life time. Lastly, in my class you will also need to be responsible for doing what you are being asked to do and respectful towards your peers and instructor. I look forward to meeting everyone single one of you as an individual and as future life long movers. 

About My Class Parents

In my class students will enjoy various developmentally appropriate sports and movement activities with lesson objectives based the California Physical Education Standards. Students' learning will revolve around the following three fields: Psychomotor, Cognitive, and Affective. The psychomotor field is related to having the students learn skills that enables student to successfully participate in a sport or movement activity. The cognitive field revolves around having students learn the importance of physical activity in their overall health as well as strategies used in sport that helps them be more successful in these sports. Lastly, the Affective field has to do with developing students' ability to work with others or independently in a productive manner (e.g. Value peer’s contributions, Consider peer’s feeling, learn responsibility, etc),



Mr. Sosa in a snippet

I’m a recent graduate from the Sacramento state university where I majored in kinesiology with a focus on physical education. I’m an individual who loves to be active and enjoys engaging in a variety of physical activities (e.g. Soccer, Badminton, Pickleball, Mountain biking, Hiking, etc). In past I have enjoyed working with students of various ages and abilities (e.g. physical and cognitive disabilities) and aided them in their pursuit towards developing their skills, knowledge, and social efficacy in movement settings.