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    Rebecca Martin

    Questions? Please email me at:

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    8th Grade English

    I have attached the Class Syllabus in the Locker Section of this website. It contains information regarding: grading scale, needed materials, extra credit policy, etc.


    Parents and students: please log int to your Illuminate Portal to see updated grades.


    I will post assignments into the "News" section of this website. Assignments will be listed by month and will include a due date. If you would like a copy of an assignment handed out in class, please ask Ms. Martin in class or check to see if the assignment is attached to this website.

    Peer Counseling

    There is a 7th grade Peer Counseling class during 6th period, and an 8th grade Peer Counseling class during 7th period. Please see the locker section of this website for further information regarding the class description, goals and other information.

    Daily Schedule

    1 Reading 8
    2 Writing 8
    3 Reading 8
    4 Writing 8
    5 Prep
    L Lunch
    6 Peer Counseling 7
    7 Peer Counseling 8