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Get Involved
We Love Parent Volunteers

There are many different ways for our OPS parents to get involved, from volunteering at one of our special activities, to serving on a committee.  If you are available to help out, please call our school office, 625-5060, and let us know.

Daily Bulletin



The Bulletin will return on April 1st


 School will resume on April 1st.


Attention track team members-remember that track practice will resume on March 18th.

Hey Bulldogs! The student/staff basketball game is coming up! Mark your calendars for Friday, April 12th! The game will begin promptly at 3:30pm!

This is a fundraiser for the Athletics Department and is open to all students, staff, and adults for a small fee. The entry fees are $4 for an adult, $2 for a student with no ASB sticker, and $1 for a student with an ASB sticker.


If you played on a basketball team this year, you have priority to sign up to play! This is a co-ed team, however, you must NOT be on the 'no activities list' in order to be on the team.


Mrs. Young will be taking sign-ups! The team will fill quickly, so do not procrastinate if you want to play! Once the team is full, Mrs. Young will no longer take sign-ups! 

Girls soccer team, game schedules are available at Ms Vind's room.


Lunch choices at the Bulldog Café are