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Attendance - Absences

It is the responsibility of the school to determine the validity of a student’s absence.  Satisfactory school progress is dependent upon regular attendance.  Parents or legal guardians must notify the school of their child’s absence on the day of the absence.  If the school is not notified by phone or with a signed and dated note, the School Messenger will call the parent/guardian to verify the absence.  This applies to both full and partial day absences.  If a student does not attend his/her assigned class or activity and has not obtained teacher approval to be elsewhere, then the absence shall be presumed unexcused.  Consequences may include detention, parent conference, In -School Suspension, police contact, and/or Friday School. Failure to make up missing work due to an absence, either excused or unexcused, could have a negative effect on a grade if not excused by the teacher.  Please call the school each time your child is absent, and any time you know that he/she will be out.

To be eligible for any of our after school activities (including sports, dances and end-of-the-year activities), students must be in attendance for a minimum of four (4) periods on the day of the event to qualify to attend the event.