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Independent Study

Although we discourage students being absent from school, we understand that occasionally situations arise that are unavoidable and necessitate a student’s absence. If the student is expected to be absent for five days or more he/she may apply for independent study.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Independent study may not exceed four weeks in duration without prior administrative approval.
  • Please notify the office as soon as you realize you need independent study so the office can get your student's work together.
  • Notification must be either a note or a call to the office, from the parent/guardian indicating the dates and number of days the student will need work.
  • Following notification, the school will provide homework for the time the student will be absent. 
  • Both student and parent/guardian must fill out and sign the Independent Study contract.
  • Students may still have make-up work to complete upon return.
  • To receive credit, all work must be completed and turned in upon the student's return to school.