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Sexual Harrassment

The Oakley Union Elementary School District does not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind.  Sexual harassment is any comment, gesture, or action that is of a sexual nature and that is perceived as hostile or unwanted by the recipient or persons in the area. If these comments, gestures, or actions are severe or pervasive enough to have a negative impact on the victim’s educational environment, serious consequences will follow. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • Unwelcome leering or flirtation
  • Unwelcome sexual slurs, threats, or verbal abuse
  • Graphic comments about another person’s body
  • Spreading rumors of a sexual nature about a person
  • Jokes, stories, or pictures of a sexual nature
  • Touching a student or his/her clothing in a sexual manner (i.e. pantsing or bra snapping)
  • Texting or posting content of a sexual nature.

Students should contact any member of the administrative staff, counselor, or teacher with concerns of this nature.