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Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice practices O’Hara Park Middle School is implementing serve as an alternative to discipline consequences in many discipline situations.  In other situations it is used in combination with traditional discipline, therefore reducing traditional discipline consequences.  The Restorative Justice practice provides students with opportunities to:

  • Become aware of the impact of their behavior
  • Understand the obligation and to take responsibility for their action
  • Take steps toward making things right

Please note that first infractions have a restorative justice component, second and third infractions do not have this option.  Instead it is an administrative committee decision.

Restorative Justice Assignment

A student is given the option of completing a Restorative Justice Assignment which consists of the following components:

  • Character Educational Component:  Student learns more about and reflects on current issues and information relating to the infraction.
  • Counseling Component:  Student meets with counselor individually or in a group or meets with a mentor to discuss behavior choices.
  • Community Service Component: Student completes OPS community service on specified Fridays after school.  Parent will be contacted to schedule the date.
  • Retribution…Righting the Wrong:  Student addresses his/her wrong behavior.  This can be done by an apology letter, a conversation with the people involved, conflict resolution, and/or electronic retraction of a posting.

Restorative Justice is a choice: students and parents agree to this alternative approach to discipline.  It is a positive way parents, students, and O’Hara Park staff work together to promote respect, build character, take responsibility, and help students strengthen their relationship skills.  The focus is to repair harm and prevent its reoccurrence.