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There will be several dances throughout the school year. Dances begin at 3:15 and end at 4:30Tickets are sold before school and during the lunch periods only.  Each student must have a signed permission slip from his/her parent or guardian.  Students must attend school on the day of the dance to be able to attend the dance. Only currently enrolled, full time OPS students who are not on the No Activities List are permitted to attend the dance.  Students are to adhere to the OPS Dress Code and will refrain from inappropriate dancing.  Students are to be picked up promptly at 4:30. Parents/guardians – please make transportation arrangements prior to the date of the dance.

It is important for students to remember that all students can participate in School activities, as long as you are not on the No Activities List.  Dances are fun events for students to attend with their friends and socialize with others.  No need for a “date”.

We want to encourage all of our students to attend school activities and ensure that there is no confusion (i.e. that a student must have a date to attend a dance); elaborate dance “asks” will no longer be allowed at school i.e.  Balloons, posters, food, etc.  We will not allow large, public displays in which one student asks another to attend a dance.  Often, these public “asks” result in embarrassment for the students involved and create undue social division and tension on campus.