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Contact Amor Abayan  Amor Abayan (925) 625-5060 ex: 4327 Teacher
Contact Sabrina Barton  Sabrina Barton Teacher
Contact Mrs Bates  Mrs Bates (925) 625-5060 7th grade Social Studies Teacher
Contact Paul Brown  Paul Brown (925) 625-5060 ex: 4306 Science 8
Contact Marie Bryant  Marie Bryant Teacher
Contact Mr. Carmody  Mr. Carmody 8th Grade Language Arts
Contact Mrs. Dalida  Mrs. Dalida (925) 625-5060 ex: 4323 6th grade Social studies, Science & Drama
Contact Erica Delzell  Erica Delzell 6th Grade Language Arts
Contact Greg Deurloo  Greg Deurloo Teacher
Contact Catherine Eberle  Catherine Eberle Art, Yearbook
Contact Jasmine Flores  Jasmine Flores Teacher
Contact Kevin Garcia  Kevin Garcia (925) 625-5060 ex: 4328 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Glass  Mrs. Glass Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Gonzalez  Mrs. Gonzalez 7/8 Grade History Teacher
Contact Patricia Haines  Patricia Haines Teacher
Contact Mrs. Hartwig  Mrs. Hartwig (925) 625-5060 ex: 4325 6th grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Contact Mrs. Helmick  Mrs. Helmick (925) 625-5060 ex: 322 6th Grade Math
Contact Mrs. Hicks  Mrs. Hicks (925) 625-5060 ex: 4335 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Contact David Hobson  David Hobson Teacher
Contact Mr. Jennett  Mr. Jennett 6th/7th Social Studies & 7th/8th P.E.
Contact Matthew Kendall  Matthew Kendall Teacher
Contact Richard King  Richard King Teacher
Contact Tammy Levi  Tammy Levi 5th-8th Grade Band
Contact Rebecca Martin  Rebecca Martin (925) 625-5060 ex: 4315 8th Grade Language Arts and Peer Counseling Teacher
Contact Heather Meadows  Heather Meadows Teacher
Contact Mrs. Mueller  Mrs. Mueller Language Arts Teacher
Contact Mrs. Muller  Mrs. Muller (925) 625-5060 ex: 4320 7th -Science Teacher
Contact Mrs. Ordaz-Arteaga  Mrs. Ordaz-Arteaga Teacher
Contact Ms Pecha  Ms Pecha 6th Math/Science
Contact Alicia Rickords  Alicia Rickords Teacher
Contact Mr. Roberts  Mr. Roberts Teacher
Contact Gabriel Rodriguez Ruiz  Gabriel Rodriguez Ruiz Teacher
Contact Mr. R. Rodriguez  Mr. R. Rodriguez Technology/Computer Science
Contact Alison Rossen  Alison Rossen Teacher
Contact David Rundall  David Rundall Teacher
Contact Beverly Torres  Beverly Torres (925) 625-5060 ex: 4332 Teacher
Contact Liz Vind  Liz Vind (925) 625-5060 ex: 4340 PE- Grade 6 & Athletic Director
Contact Catherine Wheeler  Catherine Wheeler Teacher
Contact Heather Yurkovich  Heather Yurkovich Teacher